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iVideOS is a cloud based operating system based on Linux and Suse. It combines the customization and icons of the desktop, and the instant on and information of the web browser. Unlike Chrome OS where there is only a browser, or Windows where it takes an hour to start up and another hour to start the web browser, iVideOS is almost instant on and can run apps. The current version is 0.07 and it is in the Virtual Machine format. You will ned VMWare Player to run it. Virtual machines are like running the operating system on your computer in Windows. It may be slow or have some bugs but that's what the beta version is for. Only moderators of this site can become beta testers. You can still download it though, if you are a member.

Download gVideOS which is the version of iVideOS with a dfferent UI, Gnome. 
Right click on the link and click open in new tab, or save link as, because just clicking the link doesn't seem to work.

To Run you will need VMWare Player which you can download here: http://www.vmware.com/products/player/
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